RNA billing software

RNA Billing Software is India’s most popular business software – driving the growth of over a million businesses for more than decades. Developed using proprietary, indigenous technology, it is a true “Made in India” product – to handle diverse and complex business conditions – in a Simple way!! A complete, fully-integrated, plug and play business management software that handles all critical business needs, including:

Gstr-2a/2b REconciliation

GST reconciliation primarily involves matching the data uploaded the data  by the suppliers with those of the recipient’s purchase data. This basically includes comparing the GSTR-2A auto-populated from suppliers data and the purchase data recorded by the receiver of the supplies.

  • Differences between the amount of input tax credit shown in GSTR- 3B and the GSTR 2A/ GSTR-2B
  • Discrepancies in sales details between GSTR-3B and GSTR-1
  • Until 31st Dec 2021, differences in the provisional credit as claimed under CGST Rule 36(4) and the actual credit that is claimable as per GSTR-2B across return periods.
  • differences between ITC values available in GSTR-2B versus ITC available in books of accounts for rigorous vendor follow-ups especially from 1st Jan 2022 after removing provisional ITC by virtue of Section 16(2)(aa).
  • Differences in sales details between the books of accounts and GSTR-1 as auto-populated from the e-invoicing system.
  • Differences in tax payable upon comparing the auto-populated GSTR-3B with the books of accounts.

school fees management System

This software will help college/school administration to utilize their time efficiently and also reduce the overhead while collecting student fees, so that management can utilize their time in other areas of the school/colleges. The Partial payment facility, balance adjustment facility, Fee relaxation facility and seperate conveyance facility features makes the software a must for all schools/colleges intended to computerize the process of fee collection. What could School Fee Collection Software provide you benefits?

1. Reducing the number of employees to involve in fee collection work.

2. Hassle free work with School / College fee Collection software, by getting rid of traditional method.

3. Easy initializing of fee heads and installments for fee collection.

4. Get fee paid /unpaid reports for each head and each class.

5. Easy management and reporting of fee collection and student records.


An estimate gives information about the items or services by the seller to the buyer with the predicted prices.

A customer usually requests estimates from various sellers or service providers to select the best offer that works for him in a particular market. It is allowed due to the nature of an estimate that it does not bind the parties involved in it.

It is essential for businesses, especially MSMEs, to stay competitive and attract potential buyers, customers or clients. If the estimate is appealing enough, it helps in securing a deal or sale. It enables the buyers to know the average price in the market for a particular product or service. Further, it allows sellers to know their competitors’ price quotes and how much they are willing to charge.

Cable Collection System

RNA cable collection billing software simply creates recurring bills for customers based on their package selection. It allows operators to automatically send monthly bills to their customers via email and SMS. Customers can make online payments through multiple instruments as per their choice. Cable operators can even track offline cash or cheque payments in a centralised location. This enables complete automation of the billing process and reduces any man made errors in payment collections.

EPF Management Software

General Feature

  • Define unlimited number of Companies.
  • Define unlimited number of Branches.
  • Define unlimited number of Departments / Units.
  • Link with any type of Computerized Punching Machine. (Conditions apply)
  • Export Data of any report to Excel / Text etc.
  • Laserjet / Inkjet and Dot Matrix (Draft) printing.
  • Maintain the records of Actual Payroll employees and Off the payroll employees in the same company (No. 1 and No. 2 Employees).

MDCA (Milk Diary Customer Account)

Automatic Milk Diary Collection Account Process is the first empowering step towards the whole rural milk revolution. The MDCA (Milk Diary Collection Account) still remains an important initial point on which the milk supply chain management maximizes the milk value, usages, and benefits.

Prompt MDCA Software is a unique blend of capturing, maintaining and analyzing the daily milk collection. The software’s main features include Detailed Milk Collection Reports, Accounting Functionalities, and maintain Cash Book on a daily basis.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Software

Manufacturers are taking control of their entire business, implementing B2B and D2C selling strategies. But, to achieve this, many businesses adopt software to help them manage the different aspects of their business, using tools for managing raw materials, production, multi-channel selling, and much more. Katana materials BOM software helps users centralize their business to one easy-to-use platform, saving manufacturers time and money in the long run.

RNA is software for small manufacturers or large factories who need to track production progress, design and engineering changes, and raw materials usage. It does this by giving users live insights to optimize resources and schedule production to meet deadlines. Available raw materials and products are also automatically allocated to fulfill orders and prioritize your schedule to assist you in meeting deadlines effortlessly.